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We have attempted to describe or explain some of the words and phrases commonly used or associated with Cider and Perry that you may want to know what they mean:

'Still' Cider and Perry:
This phrase is used to describe 'non-fizzy' drinks. In relation to Cider and Perry this can also be applied to 'Farmhouse' Cider.

Naturally Conditioned:
Sometimes also referred to as 'Bottle Conditioned' this phrase is applied to drinks that have a 'delicate sparkle'. This is produced by a small secondary fermentation in the bottle. The gas bubbles tend to last longer than artificial carbonation and are smaller in size.

Due to the natural process that we use to produce our drinks, there may be a small amount of 'cloudiness' associated with the product. The transportation of bottles will aggravate this, so we recommend that you allow bottles to stand for a while before consumption to enjoy it at it's best. However, this 'debris' is in no way harmful if poured into the glass or drunk, but just gives a cloudy effect.

Perry is very often incorrectly referred to as 'Pear Cider' - How can a Cider be made with Pears?? A recent resurgence in the popularity of Perry in the UK has seen various new products launched as 'Pear Cider' by high profile brands. Real Perry is similar to Cider, but made from Pears instead of Apples. Herefordshire is one of only four counties in Great Britain where Perry is traditionally produced.