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Hare Moon Cider

Hare Moon Cider is named after the resident Brown Hare who enjoys the shelter and windfalls the apple trees provide in the orchards.

Grown on organic land, free of sprays and fertiliser the apples are pressed and bottled at Wigginton Farm, St. Martins in Shropshire.

Hare Moon Cider is made from some of the best known varieties of cider apples:

  • Dabinett
  • Harry Masters Jersey
  • Browns
  • Langworthy
  • Kingston Black
  • Yarlington Mill


CiderOnline Opinion: Hare Moon Ciders are all sweeter than most of our suppliers but still a very pleasant, truly artisan product grown in unsprayed orchards that is well worth trying! As always, how would you ever taste it if you didn't live locally to the producer other than buying it from CiderOnline?

Visit the Cider Maker's website for more background: Haremoon Cider

Mixed Case 12 x 500ml Bottles Hare Moon Ciders

Mixed Case 12 x 500ml Bottles Hare Moon Ciders

A Mixed Case of 12 x 500ml Bottles of Hare Moon Shropshire Cider...