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Wide Eyes

20 Litre Bag-in-a-Box Wide Eyes Medium Cider

Perfect for a Big House Rental / Stag or Hen Weekend Party - Just relax and have the alcohol delivered to you!

Wide Eyes Cider is a truly artisan product. All apples sourced and handpicked from non-sprayed organic private orchards. Fermented using wild yeast alongside active champagne yeast and made in small batches of 1000 litres with a variety of up to 15 different vintage cider apples from historically significant trees from in and around Herefordshire and Gloucestershire.

It is a 100% juice product when consumed dry. vegan, vegetarian and with the minimum amount of sulphites added. Pasteurisation ads a longer shelf life but also a caramel undertone that works well the naturally sweet and floral nature of the product.

Wide Eyes Medium Cider is an easy-drinking classic. An “all day” cider, perfect for Parties and Festivals and to share with friends and family. On the lower end of the sweetness spectrum due to the already naturally chosen blend of bitter\sweet apples it makes for great drinking with ice on a hot day or room temp on a cosy wet English weekend.

This product is Pasteurised so is a Cider that you can enjoy for a long, long time!

Producer   Wide Eyes
Taste   Medium-Dry*
Size   20 Litres
Price per Pint
Strength   6.0% ABV**


*Taste is subjective

**Draught products such as this vary and the ABV may not be exact

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