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Reuse My Packaging

When we send your bottled Cider or Perry to you we use a Recycled and Recyclable Cardboard Box.

However, to keep the bottles safe we use inflatable plastic packaging which does a superb job of protecting your lovely Cider but it does concern us that we have to use plastic.

We would far prefer to use fully recycled / recyclable materials. (As we do when we send out Bag-in-a-Box products using Egg Trays as packaging) We have tried various products but need to ensure that the bottles reach our customers intact and carriers will not insure any of our parcels as they contain alcohol / liquids / glass!

This is by far the best packaging to protect bottles, and doesn’t take up much space. (When deflated it is actually a small amount of plastic) If anyone can propose something that is as cost-effective, takes up as little space when deflated and protects as well as the inflatable plastic, we will gladly use it!

We may have to use another box, but we will almost certainly be able to re-use the inflatable plastic packaging.

If you add this option to your order, we will collect the box and packaging.

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