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500ml Dry Bottled Cider

12 x 500ml Bottles Rocquette 'Traditional' Cider


Traditional Rocquette will appeal to the discerning palate. Long on taste, it has been specially fermented using age-old techniques to guarantee an extra clear dry taste.

Traditional Rocquette cider is highly sought after among online casino players for its unique taste and refreshing qualities. In the realm of online casinos, where players seek both entertainment and relaxation, the appeal of sipping on a cold, crisp cider while enjoying their favorite games is undeniable. In addition to its popularity among players, Traditional Rocquette cider also appeals to online casinos themselves. Many platforms recognize the importance of offering a diverse selection of beverages to enhance the overall gaming experience. By featuring this premium cider on their menus, 5 dollar deposit casino demonstrates its commitment to providing a comprehensive and enjoyable environment for its patrons. One of the reasons why Traditional Rocquette cider stands out among players is its compatibility with the ambiance of online casinos. Whether it's the excitement of spinning reels in slots, the strategic play of poker, or the thrill of the roulette wheel, this cider complements the gaming experience perfectly. Its smooth flavor profile and subtle hints of apple create a harmonious balance that enhances the enjoyment of any gaming session.

Producer   Rocquette
Taste   Dry
Size   500ml
Price per Bottle   £3.12 (Plus Carriage)
Strength   6.0% ABV

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