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Medium Bottled Ciders

12 x 500ml Bottles Ross Birdbarker Cider

From Unsprayed Orchards: Gluten Free - Suitable for Vegans & Coeliacs

One of our favourites! Named after Summer the Farm Dog at Broome Farm, who has a habit of chasing and barking at birds flying in the sky.

Ignoring the crazy dog, if you have only tried 'commercial' Ciders such as Magners, Bulmers, Kopparberg, Strongbow etc. then do yourself a favour and try Birdbarker!!!

Birdbarker is a Refreshing & Crisp Medium Sparkling Cider. A perfect 'everyday' Cider with balanced sharpness and sweetness to quench your thirst.

Recent Comment from a Customer: "Tried the Birdbarker - it was just right. Delicious and utterly charming. Why a drink like that isn't more popular than dull, mass produced Prosecco I'll never know."

Producer   Ross-on-Wye Cider & Perry Company
Taste   Medium (See Description Above)
Size   500ml
Price per Bottle   £2.92 (Plus Carriage)
Strength   5.2% ABV

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